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DIY Gummy Bears

lego block gummy mold

Are you looking for a fun DIY delicious activity to do at home with the kids? This post: DIY Gummy Bears will show you step by step how to make your own tasty gummy bears in less than 30 minutes. Not only will you save money, your kids will remember this forever and it’s something you can do over and over


  • 1. Unflavored Gelatin (normally sold in 28 gram packages)
  • 2. Flavored Jell-O (normally sold in 170 gram packages)
  • 3. 1/2 cup cold water
  • 4. Pot to combine ingredients and cook with
  • 5. Oven or other heating medium
  • 6. Candy mold to create the shape you want.
  • 7. Spoon or other mixing apparatus

Here are two molds that we ordered from for this project

Here are two molds that we ordered from for this DIY Gummy Bears project

  • Lego Block Gummy Mold

    These silicon lego block gummy molds were absolutely amazing and worked perfectly.

    lego block gummy mold

  • Hamburger Mold

    This is originally a chocolate mold but works perfectly well as a gummy mold. This kit includes both top and bottom bun, patty, and tomato slice. This is perfect for DIY gummy bears and any chocolate molds will work really.

    hamburger gummy mold

How to make the DIY Gummy Bears:

  1. Carefully pour the 1/2 cup of water into the pot.
  2. Open the gelatin package and slowly sprinkle the contents over the entirety of the water. It helps to evenly distribute the gelatin as the point is to start evenly absorbing the water.
  3. Open the Jello package and spread in the same manner as the gelatin.
  4. (Optional) Using a spoon, GENTLY stir the mixture to aid in the absorption of the water.
  5. Allow the mixture to rest for at least 1 minute. This will give the water additional time to absorb into the gelatin/jell-o and make for a better end consistency.
  6. Place the pot on your stove top (or other heating medium) and turn to low/medium heat. You do not want to have the heat too high and end up burning the mixture.
  7. Once the mixture displays an even liquid consistency, this means that everything has combined correctly and you can remove the pot from the heat.
  8. Arrange your chosen molds for pouring.
  9. Carefully pour the mixture into the molds.
  10. Let sit until cooled to ambient. (OPTIONAL: you can transfer the molds containing the gummy mixture into the refrigerator to expedite the cooling process)
  11. Test the gummy bears by touching them. If they feel solid, and you think they are ready, you can remove them from the molds and TADAA!!! YOU HAVE MADE GUMMY BEARS!!
  12. (OPTIONAL) Lastly, you can place the removed gummy bears into a zip lock bag and add a sprinkle of corn starch or flower so they won’t be so stick on the outside. This will prevent them from clumping/sticking together while in storage.

Obviously you can do your own tweaking to the recipe and ingredient portions as you desire. After making these on multiple occasions, we found that the less gelatin we added, the more gummy the final product was. The first time we made them, I included the whole bag of gelatin (28 grams vice 20) and they were super tough. After decreasing the amount of gelatin added, the gummy bears turned out with a better “gummy” consistency.

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