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How To Use Coupons At Walmart

put coupon in slot

We all know that Walmart has some pretty low prices when compared to local grocery stores, but did you know that Walmart also accepts manufacturer coupons? Well they do and they are surprisingly easy to use. This post will give you a step by step guide on how to use coupons at your local Walmart superstore.

First things first, there are two methods for using coupons at Walmart.

  1. The traditional way of going to a human cashier (I know that sounds so retro…haha)
  2. Bypass the human interference and proceed to the Self Checkout.

In general, my past experiences hasn’t been good with using coupons with human cashiers therefore my preferred method for using coupons at Walmart is by going the self checkout.

Furthermore, with the self checkout method of using coupons at Walmart:

  • You won’t have to wait around while a cashier attempts to read and scan each coupon
  • You won’t get those stereotypical looks from other patrons in line behind you.
  • You can take your sweet time
  • You can always ask questions or get help from the attendant there without seriously disrupting shopper flow

How To Use Coupons At Walmart

  1. Cut your coupons

    Go to your Walmart Superstore with your coupons already cut and ready to go. If you are new to using coupons and don’t know where to get manufacturer coupons, check out my start saving money using coupons post where I demonstrate how to find and print manufacturer coupons (from my top five sources from start to finish) at

    how to use coupons at walmart

  2. Locate your products

    Aimlessly walk the isles (like normal trips) and locate all the products that you plan to use your coupons on.

    how to use coupons at walmart

  3. Double check your product against the coupon

    Reference the coupon to ensure that you meet the requirements for using said coupon on the specific item. For example, common requirements include: proper size (greater than or equal to 20 caplets), date is prior to expiration date on coupon, also ensure item is exactly similar to the coupon (for example: Aleve PM and not Regular Aleve)

    how to use coupons at walmart

  4. Make your way to the Self Checkout and start scanning your items

    Once you have completed your journey as an isle warrior, make your way to the self checkout section and scan your items. Once all the items have been scanned and “placed in the bagging area”, start scanning your coupons. You are going to want to do this slowly so that you can inspect each response from the kiosk to ensure the proper discount has been applied. If for some reason a coupon doesn’t work, simply call over to the attendant for assistance. These attendants are normally pretty useful and again, it’s not like there is a line right behind you giving you the evil eye. The self check out area usually has a more relaxed ambiance

    how to use coupons at walmart

  5. Put the used coupons in the proper slot located on the self checkout kiosk

    Once you are completely done, you will be prompted to place the utilized coupons into the coupon slot. There will also be a last resort message from the kiosk telling you if a coupon you scanned didn’t apply any discounts so if you missed it before, you might catch a mistake here. Place all of the coupons in the slot.

    put coupon in slot

  6. Gather your items from the bagging area and enjoy the rest of you day!

    Now that everything is done and taken care of, take your items and continue on with your life. Don’t forget to take pride in knowing that you saved money, while saving money, at Walmart.

    take your products and go

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