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Coupons: How To Start Saving Money By Using Coupons

print your coupons

Have you ever seen those extreme couponing shows where someone goes in to the grocery store with a bundle of coupons and comes out with tons of free stuff? Did you wonder how they do that? Well, this post will help explain how it’s done and how YOU can start using coupons to start saving money today.

First off, in order to start using coupons, you kinda have to know what they are. Coupons are promotional offers from retailers that provide money off of specific products. These coupons normally offer anywhere from 25 Cents up to a few dollars off an item. In order to redeem these promotional discounts, you will need to either have: a printed, paper, or digital copy to scan at check-out.

We will thoroughly go over the following topics in this post:

  • My list of Top Five Reliable Internet Printable Coupon Suppliers
  • HOW TO start using coupons
  • Popular coupon strategies that will save you the most money
  • Other ways to get coupons besides the internet

My Top Five Reliable Coupon Suppliers

This list only contains 5 popular coupon supplying websites and just keep in mind that there are literally a over a hundred more. If you are looking for additional sites, simply perform a google search for printable coupons. These sites contain basically the same platform: you sign up, you select the coupons you want, then you print them out. They normally come out with new coupons twice a month and sometimes more frequently if you’re lucky. Dollar general allows you to save the coupons to your dollar general account and you can present them via your smartphone, you don’t need to have a paper copy… so that’s extremely convenient.

How To Start Using Coupons

  1. Google search printable manufacturer coupons and select a source (I chose for this post)

    Go to and in the search bar enter: printable manufacturer coupons. After you click go, thousands of results will appear and select one at your choosing. For this post I chose but like I said, there are thousands of options.

    how to find manufacturer coupons

  2. Find the sign up button and… sign up

    In most cases, in order to receive the manufacturer coupons to start couponing, you must sign up to the supplier. In order to do this, you must find the link on their website which shouldn’t be too hard.

    how to sign up for coupons

  3. Become a member using either Facebook, Google, or your email address.

    When you sign up for the coupon service, you will have to make a choice of how you want to sign in. This differs from site to site and can include: Facebook, Gmail, Email, Etc. I chose email because they will send email notifications of free coupons on occasion and it’s like a pleasant surprise. Furthermore, I recommend creating an email specifically for coupons to ensure your primary email doesn’t become bombarded by couponing emails (that can become a nuisance).

    coupon member options

  4. Now that your a member and have access to all the coupons, start “clipping” and print coupons once clipped.

    After you successfully become a member, you will be given access to their inventory of coupons. This page looks the same for all the coupon websites out there. You can now browse the coupons and “clip” individually, OR you can find the “Clip All” option. For my example, this was located at the bottom right of the screen. Once you are finished clipping the coupons, click the print coupons tab at the top right of the screen. MAKE SURE THAT IF YOU HAVE A POP-UP BLOCKER PROGRAM, IT IS DISABLED BEFORE CLICKING THE PRINT COUPONS BUTTON.

    clip your coupons

  5. Save the coupons as a PDF to print now or later.

    Your coupons will appear as a pop-up print screen. From here you can print them now, or save them to PDF. I recommend saving now and printing later. This at least saves the PDF to your computer and if something happens, you still have the coupons. If you opt to print now, they won’t save and you may not be able to access them later. They do not have to be in color, they do however have to be somewhat good quality – they will need to be scanned or code typed in later down the road.

    print your coupons

  6. Now that you have your coupons, research stores in your area that accept coupons and actually have your products and get busy!

    Now that you have the coupons at your disposal you can start browsing. Start looking at your favorite stores and see what kind of ads they are running. If something is on sale, it is a great time to use one of these coupons. Furthermore, if your local grocery store doubles coupons, your savings will double! Keep reading to learn about popular strategies that will save you the most money…

Popular Strategies That Will Save You The Most Money

Doubling Coupons

Find a store that doubles or even triples coupons. Double and tripling coupons was very popular in the past but it’s sad to say that most stores have removed this money saving technique from their offers. That being said, there are a number of stores that still double coupons.

How does doubling coupons work you ask? Well the concept is very simple: if you have a coupon that offers 50 cents off a product and your local retailer doubles coupons, when you checkout, they will double your coupon value and therefore, you will have gotten $1.00 off rather than just 50 cents. All places have a limit and let’s say for example the limit is 50 cent doubling limit. That means that the previous example would work for them. However, if you had a coupon for 75 Cents off, you could not double it, and no they won’t double the first 50 cents either

Weekly Ads

Utilizing grocery store weekly ads is the best way to save money. This is because the items featured in weekly ads are usually discounted. For example a store has an ad for coffee creamer for $1.75 and the normal price is $2.50, you are already saving 75 Cents. The weekly ad is sort of like a coupon in itself run by the store, except instead of taking hundreds of coupons, they set it in an ad and hope to drive traffic to their store using that method. Now let’s take that $1.75 coffee creamer that is featured in the weekly ad and apply our 50 Cents manufacturer coupon to it and Don’t Forget, the store will double it up to $1.00. Now we can subtract the dollar and the coffee creamer is only 75 Cents. You would have ended up saving $1.75. It’s simple math and it’s an amazing feeling when you can pull it off.

Clearance Sales

This is the absolute best way to use your coupons. This method is the same as scoping out the weekly ads except with clearance sales, the discounts are much more impressive. The only problem with this type of method is that clearance sales aren’t normally advertised like weekly ads are. You have to sort of be there and know what they have to actually get the deals. Dollar General is an excellent resource for clearance sales. They commonly conduct clearance sales and taking time to wait and continuously check on new sales can really pay off for you.

Other Methods

Coupons are very popular on the internet right now, but you have to remember, years ago this internet thing didn’t exist. So where did all those coupons come from? Newspapers. The Sunday newspaper is just as packed with coupons as it has always been. Some people even go around and collect newspapers from multiple sources to take advantage of the paper coupons that they contain. If you already clip coupons from the paper, so to speak, you can try to contact a manufacturer directly. By contacting a manufacturer directly and proclaiming your love for their products, they will happily send coupons your way.

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