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Kids Basketball Hoop – SKLZ pro mini review

SKLZ pro mini hoop system

Are you in the market for a good kids basketball hoop that would be perfect for your little one but are racking your brain trying to find the right one? Well look no further, the SKLZ pro mini portable kids basketball hoop has everything needed to get your little basketball star ready for the big game.

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My Unboxing and Review Video

Kids Basketball Hoop – SKLZ pro mini system

Adjustable Hoop

This kids basketball hoop is adjustable between 3.5 feet and 7.5 feet which makes it able to go lower than the majority of it’s competitors. This helps to ensure even your kindergartner can enjoy dunking. Furthermore, the hoop itself is very durable and professional looking. When initially looking for a hoop for my son, I found it difficult to find one that went below 5 feet. In order to adjust the hoop between the different sizes you simply remove a pin and position the adjustment handle and place the pin back in.

Versatile System

This kids basketball hoop system is commonly used as a pool side hoop due to its great adjustability. Since this system can be adjusted to 3.5 feet, it makes for a perfect pool basketball hoop.

Easy to Assemble

This kids basketball hoop took me about 45 minutes to completely assemble. The instructions that were included definitely helped to create a smooth assembly. Make sure to check out my youtube video that shows how I assembled the hoop from start to finish.


I really had a blast with this review because the hoop is so amazing. It really melts my heart seeing my son and daughter playing on this short hoop. I’m glad I chose the SKLZ pro mini hoop system primarily because it can go to 3.5 feet. It was really hard for me to find one that went below 5 feet so this kids basketball hoop worked perfectly.

Where can you buy this?

The nice thing about this kids basketball hoop is that you can find it at pretty much any major retail store. I purchased mine from Walmart but you can find it on Amazon, Target, etc. I use religiously due to the fact that I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, I’ve included an link and link to this product. If you want it on click here and if you want to see it at click here.

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