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How To Install A Toilet, and Flange Repair Kit

how to install a toilet and flange repair kit

How to install a toilet: are you planning on performing a bathroom remodel or simply wanting to replace your current toilet? Well today is your lucky day. I recently replaced my bathroom toilet and due to unforeseen circumstances, had to use a flange repair kit while doing it. Lucky for you, the process was captured step by step in order to help others that are looking for advice on how to install a toilet or are having troubles with a toilet installation and/or flange repair.

How To Install A Toilet Materials Needed:

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  1. Remove the old toilet and inspect the existing flange.

    In order to remove an existing toilet (if there is one), is to loosen the toilet bowl bolts on the base. These bolts normally consist of a plastic bowl shaped guard that can simply be snapped off. Once the bolts are exposed, find the correct size socket and remove them. This will allow you to lift the toilet from the floor. Keep in mind that there will be some resistance depending on how long the toilet has been in place and how well the wax ring is adhered to the toilet flange.

  2. Inspect the flange for re-use.

    Check to ensure that the flange is proper for the application you are planning on using. For example, ensure it is level with the ground if required or raised if alternately required. Also ensure that the flange doesn’t have any warping. In my case, the flange was bent/warped at the toilet bowl bolt locations. This required fixing due to the fact that the flange should be level in all cases. Because of this unforeseen problem and after much research, I decided to utilize a flange repair kit in order to remove the bent parts and maintain integrity of the remaining flange.

  3. Alter the flange (if required).

    If you need to do some sort of alteration to the flange in order for the new toilet to be installed correctly, this is the step to perform those alterations. This is a very important step in the how to install a toilet guide. You NEED to have a level flange in order for the toilet to sit flush with the floor and prevent “rockage” also known as unwanted movement of the toilet.

  4. After the flange is good to go, install the toilet bowl bolts into the flange.

    Once you have decided that the flange is ready to accept the toilet, install the (normally) two toilet bowl screws and align them in a manner that the toilet will easily fit onto them when lowered from above.

  5. Dry fit the toilet over the now ready flange.

    Remove the toilet bowl base from the box and carefully place the toilet onto the flange and in a manner that it aligns with the toilet bowl screws. This is important because you don’t want to install the wax ring if you aren’t sure if you’re actual toilet isn’t going to be in the right position. This allows you to check clearances and alignments so that when you lower the bowl for real (with the wax ring installed), you won’t have to replace the wax ring due to errors.

  6. Install the Wax Ring.

    The next step in this how to install a toilet guide is to correctly install the wax ring. You will want to place the wax ring on the toilet flange located on the ground with the funnel shape going into the sewage discharge line. Some instructions provide guidance on placing the wax ring on the actual toilet vice the flange…. don’t do that. By placing the wax ring onto the flange, you ensure a proper seal and proper placement with regards to the sewage discharge line.

  7. Place the toilet bowl base on the wax ring and ensure everything lines up.

    With the wax ring in place on the flange, lift the toilet bowl base similarly to lifting during the dry fit step and this time place it on the wax ring and floor. You can steadily lower the toilet and feel for the toilet to fit into the wax ring to ensure that the wax ring doesn’t move too much and that you are not misaligned. Once placed properly, press firmly on all sides and corners to ensure that the wax ring compresses evenly. You want that ring to be compressed to prevent waste and gas from escaping to your bathroom.

  8. If not already completed, install the toilet tank

    Install the toilet tank per included instructions. This normally involves placing the tank on the bowl base with the flange lining up properly. Furthermore, there are normally a couple bolts included to secure everything tightly. In my case, there were 3 bolts that needed to be tightened (past hand tight) to ensure no leakage between the bowl and the tank.

  9. Install the water supply line.

    If you haven’t installed the water supply line to the new toilet, now is a good time. If you watched my video at the top of this post, you probably noticed that I had to replace my previous 10″ line with a 20″ line to ensure a proper fit. Either way, you will need to make sure that all bolts are tight and that way you will prevent any leakage between the two.

  10. Install the toilet seat.

    Place the toilet seat where you want it and connect the included screws and nuts to secure the seat in place. This is probably the easiest step in this how to install a toilet guide.

  11. Turn the water on and look for leaks.

    Turn the water on at the toilet supply line (if applicable) and take a couple minutes to examine for leaks. While installing this toilet, I found a leak between the toilet tank and the bowl base because the very back bolt wasn’t tightened enough. It is expected that there will be some leakage, so if you find some don’t be discouraged… Simply tighten the applicable mating bolts and hopefully that leakage will disappear. Take your time here, and remember… if you find leakage, tighten things up and don’t be afraid to use a wrench on plastic bolts/nuts.

Thanks for sticking in there to the end. If you didn’t watch my youtube video at the top of the page, take a couple mins to do so as I captured my whole toilet installation experience. Also, make sure to check out some of my other posts such as: DIY Gummy Bears and Free coupons in the Mail: A step by step guide to see other great projects.

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