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Free Coupons in the Mail: A Step By Step Guide

How To Get Free Coupons And Samples Mailed To Your Door

This post will focus on How To Get Free Coupons in the mail by contacting companies directly!

One of the most valuable tips that I received about couponing is that you can contact companies directly and praise them for their great products. In return, most companies will send you coupons in order to retain you as a customer, help you more easily get their products, or just as a thank you for taking the time to write them. I wanted to showcase how this is done and I will do this by going through my exact process step by step with pictures. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this how to tutorial on How To Get Free Coupons And Samples Mailed To Your Door By Contacting Companies Directly!

I want to start this out by thanking everyone that has helped me in my couponing journey so far: Thank you! Also, I want to say that I am far from being an expert when it comes to using coupons to save money. I just recently picked up the money saving “addiction” and can honestly say that in the last month, I’ve saved at least $100 by strategically using coupons. That being said, I have also used coupons and purchased products that I might not have otherwise purchased without the coupons. But I think that goes with the territory and they did help to introduce me to new amazing products.



Step 1: Make a list of companies you want to write to and input it into whatever word program you use at home.

I recommend that you get a list going in some sort of word application (for example Microsoft Word or Wordpad). That way you can create a collective list of companies that send you free coupons in the mail and make sure to highlight companies that you have already contacted in order to avoid contacting the same company twice. See pictures below.

How To Get Free Coupons And Samples Mailed To Your Door


Step 2: Go to the website of the company that you want to contact and subsequently get coupons/samples for.

For this step, if you know the company website address, by all means type it in. However, if you don’t know their website address, simply type in the company name into For this first example I will be writing the next company down the line from my list above, Mama Rosie’s.

After entering the company name into the google search bar, the company’s main page should show up within the first couple results. Click on the link for the company webpage.

How To Get Free Coupons And Samples Mailed To Your Door

How To Get Free Coupons And Samples Mailed To Your Door
Finding a company on google


Step 3: Once on the main web page, find the “contact us” link​

After you have traveled to the company’s main page, find their contact us link. This is almost always at the very bottom of the page. Once you locate this link, click it. You can also use the FIND option on your internet browser by either pressing the two keys together at the same time: Ctrl and F (for windows) or Command and F (for mac) and typing in contact us. This should show you where on the page the contact us link is located.

How To Get Free Coupons And Samples Mailed To Your Door
Where to find contact us link on a company’s website


Step 4: Fill out the contact us form and most importantly, type your message in the message section.

You will be required to fill out the contact us form in it’s entirety in order to successfully start getting free coupons in the mail. Keep in mind that they need your physical mailing address in order to determine where to send the free coupons or free samples to. When you get to the message section, you are going to want to explain to them that you are a loyal, frequent customer and you love their products. It also helps and adds credibility if you specify which products you enjoy the most. Make sure to exclaim that you could really use some coupons and or samples. More times than not, they will send you coupons just simply because you took the time to contact them. Below is my standard message that I post into all the contact us forms that I encounter. It is also the message I used to get the free coupons that you see in the pictures thus far.

How To Get Free Coupons And Samples Mailed To Your Door
Fill out the contact form


My Custom Contact Us Message…


I am a frequent purchaser of _company name_ products. I am contacting you to express my love for your products and as an avid blogger and Youtuber, I routinely share my experiences and interests in products like the ones that you provide. I am contacting you in hopes that you can provide additional samples and coupons with me and my dedicated viewers/fans. If not, I understand your hesitation and it will not hinder my dedication to your brand. Please find it in your heart to share any coupons you can spare with me so I can continue my relationship with you. Thank you for the consideration and have a great day.

Very Respectfully,

Matthew P. Hendershot

Owner and operator of


Step 5: Click Submit. And now we wait. 

After you have submitted your contact us form, you are always taken to a thank you page of some sort. Seeing this will help you verify that your form was submitted successfully. If not, I would recommend submitting the form again to ensure it was sent.

After the form is submitted, assuming that the company sends free coupons in the mail (and/or samples – which most do), you will normally have to wait anywhere around 1-2 weeks until you receive your free coupons in the mail. As you can see from the pictures, they DO ACTUALLY come and it will surely make for a very happy day for you.

Some companies will also email you as a thank you and in said email, they will inform you of the coupons they are sending…See Below



In summary, contacting companies directly via the internet is extremely easy and the whole process can take less than a minute. Showing your devotion and giving compliments is a sure fire way to ensure that they send you free coupons in the mail. Initially I was hesitant to try this method, but after doing so, I definitely don’t regret it. Thanks for tuning in and be sure to subscribe to my email list in order to get all the latest updates and more importantly, learn how to qualify for my monthly give away. Furthermore, if you are interested in my list, simply contact me or leave a comment on this post and I will be more than happy to send you the one I used for this post!

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